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On 13 November 2023, Dissolved Girl releases its lead single ‘Reckoning’ from their debut album. Two time No. 1 Producer Dani Castelar co-produced and mixed the record, which is described by Paulo Nutini’s management as “f**king brilliant”. 


‘Reckoning' confidently announces the band’s unique sound. A kitsch intro about turns into an ominous sounding drop-out hook, and after 45 seconds we get the first glimpse of the track’s powerful and emotive vocal performance. 


When the MASSIVE sounding drums land in Verse 2, a clear trip hop influence emerges… but the track’s unique configuration is also powered by driving synths and bass, psychedelic Leslie guitar and an intricately layered sample mood board that evokes a dark, cinematic vibe. 


DG’s lead single ‘Reckoning’ is serious music for serious times.

The Band's latest release "SILT" has just been released. 

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